Our Schedule

7:50-8:05        Take roll, lunch count, listen to announcements

8:05-8:50         Specials/Conference Time

                          M,T,TH-PE W-Computer Lab, Friday-Music

8:50-9:00          Restroom Break

9:00-10:00       Morning Work/Writing Lesson                                                                 (Spanish/English)

10:00-10:45    Reading/Language Arts (Spanish/English)

10:45-11:20     Social Studies (Spanish)

11:20-11:25   Transition to Gilmore’s class

11:25-11:55    Begin Writing Lesson (Gilmore’s class) (Spanish/English)

11:55-12:25     LUNCH

12:25-12:40     Recess

12:40-12:50     Restroom Break

12:50-1:30      Continue Writing Lesson (Spanish/English)

1:30-2:15         Reading/Language Arts (Spanish) Gilmore’s Class

2:15-2:55         Social Studies (Spanish) Gilmore’s Class

2:55-3:00        Transition back to homeroom

3:00-3:10  Prepare for Dismissal (pass out papers, conduct, backpacks)

3:15         Begin dismissing Bus riders/day care, car riders                          and walkers/bikers to 4th grade hallway