Leo A. Rizzuto Elementary

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Welcome to Mrs. Gibbs' Music Room where we sing, play instruments, and learn lots of things about music...but only on days that end with the letter "y"!

Here are some tidbits of info about your music teacher:

She is married to Mr. Gibbs and has two children, Tyla and Cade.  Tyla and Cade are both married now.  So, she and Mr. Gibbs are experiencing what is called "Empty Nest." 

She has been playing the piano since she was in the 3rd grade.

Mrs. Gibbs loves Garfield, but she is not necessarily a fan of cats. She loves Garfield the most because he is sarcastic, loves to eat, but is always on a diet. That pretty much sums up her life! 

Her faith, family, and friends are very important to her.

She is a huge LSU fan but graduated from McNeese State University.

This is her 24th year to teach!
Some things she likes...
* Garfield * Christmas ornaments * personalized things * personal notes * gift cards * crafts * Louisiana memorabilia (LSU, New Orleans Saints, crawfish) *