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Welcome to Mrs. Khoja's class!
Welcome to an exciting new year! I will be teaching your students Reading, Writing and Social Studies this year. Ms. Prewitt will be teaching your students Math and Science. I can't wait to see how far your students will go this year!
I love spending time with my husband and my son, Carter, who is a student here at Rizzuto, and our Siberian Husky named Zeus. I am also a HUGE movie fan, and spend many Saturdays at the movies or adventuring around the city.

Recent Posts

Istation Login

For anyone who would like their students to access Istation Reading at home, the login information is as follows:

You will need the following login information for your student in order to gain access to Istation Home.

Student's Name:  | School/Domain: rizzuto.laporte.tx | User Name: lastnamefirstname | Password: lplunch#


Example: Student's Name: Ashley Khoja | School/Domain: rizzuto.laporte.tx | User Name: khojaashley | Password: lp557935

Your student's username and password is also taped to the back of their red AR folder. Students with longer names or common names might have a slightly different username.

The next step is to install Istation on your home computer. This is a quick and easy process. Go to www.istation.com/IstationHome/ and follow the simple installation instructions.

This page will also provide information on how to log in to the Istation parent portal, where you can view your child’s progress and access reports and other resources.

For more information or help, visit www.istation.com, call 1-866-883-7323, and press 2, toll-free, or e-mail support at support@istation.com.

IXL Login (Math help)

If you would like students to have some extra Math at home, IXL is a program the school uses to help students that are struggling.
User name: (all lower case) student's first initial and last name (ex: akhoja)
Password: student ID number

Supply List

Thank you to a great start to the new school year! Just in case you did not get a chance to get all the supplies or you do not have a supply list, I have attached the Third Grade supply list.


1 pkg. wide-ruled notebook paper 2 boxes of crayons (16 ct.)

4 plastic folders (1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 orange) with pockets and brads 1 pkg. markers (8 ct.)

2 reams white copy paper 36 No. 2 pencils (sharpened)

4 bound (not spiral) wide-ruled composition books 1 pack of pencil cap erasers

2 pink erasers 1 pkg. of red pens

24 No. 2 pencils (sharpened) 2 reams white copy paper

1 pkg. white construction paper 9" x 12" 4 plastic folders (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1green) with pockets and brads

1 pair Fiskar scissors 1 zipper pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

2 large Elmer's glue sticks 2 spiral-wired composition books (wide-ruled)

2 boxes facial tissues (200 ct.) 3 non-spiral composition books (bound)

2 boxes crayons - 24 count 10 small glue sticks

1 four-pack of 3x3 sticky notes 1 pair of scissors

2 DRY ERASE markers 3 boxes facial tissues (200 ct.)

1 school supply box 2 highlighters

1 set of earbuds

1 pkg. of dividers

1 3-ring zipper binder

Girls - 1 pkg. multicolored construction paper 12" x 18"

Boys - 1 pkg. white construction paper 9" x 12"